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Re: Critical care: Satire on socialized medicine?

At the time, Critical Care seemed to be a scathing take on HMOs. It's not "socialized medicine" as was the subject of the 2010 debate, it's different levels of health care based on socio-economic class, thus how the rich in the episode got life-saving medicine that was on short supply on the bottom level for extraneous beauty/longevity treatments. The comparison was the rich can pay for top-notch health care but the general public could not, especially when health care costs rose like a runaway train relative to inflation.

I remember "Critical Care" was part of a rising chorus in tv/film sort of approaching the issue of health care, complaining about it. Health care costs were just starting to soar over the mid-late '90s (there's a 1997 film with Jack Nicholson with a one-liner complaining about health care and it was widely reported that line got applause from people in theaters even though it was just a one-off line, not intended to play for laugh/cheers/applause). It's sad to think over the past 12-15 years, health care still isn't fixed and with the kerfuffle in 2010, that was still just a patch on a system with deep-running problems. After 2000, the subject just disappeared. I think it went off the radar even before 9/11.

... and then there's things like this which expose problems in the system. So much of the insurance/copay factor should not be a concern for someone and their family going through this:

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