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Re: Was Chakotay a stereotype?

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After a while Chakotay stopped mentioning spirits at all, he said God or my God quite a lot and not spirits as so many fan fics seem to write.
That's a favorite in J/C fanfic. Haven't seen it used anywhere else, and he certainly never said it on the show. No idea why J/Cers started going with that. Perhaps they believe Indians don't worship gods.

Or something.

Chuckles character may have started out with good intentions at being written as Indian but the writers really didnít do their homework, which in the age of computers should have been a piece of cake, beyond the ďIndian for all seasons.Ē
The internet was not what it is now when Voyager first aired. Still, Jeri Taylor obviously went to, because the myth she told in "Pathways" was lifted word for word from that site. Plagiarism! St Jeri of Taylor!

However, if they wanted to go the Maya route, she didn't need to go online. There are thousands of Maya living in Los Angeles. They are our gardeners and maids and nannies. St Jeri of Taylor should speak to her hired help occasionally.

It was sweet but Iím gonna go with if he had pulled out a flute and played a courting song I might have been more impressed that they were at least trying.
I would've shot my TV.

I would've liked some drums.

Letís see his quarters had some dťcor, he did sand paintings and he did some mystical head trip at times but that all got fewer and far between as the seasons went on. He had a medicine wheel, he didn't clock Seven upside the head when she referred to the Great Spirit, he yammered on occasion about how Indians are so gentle to the land...
Plenty stereotypes there.

There were two things in the whole series that struck me as Indian.

1) In the pilot when Tom referred to some hokey Indian thing about Chakotay's life belonging to Tom, Chakotay said, "Wrong tribe."

2) He went out in a shuttlecraft for rituals. Everyone has his or her place in nature where they are most at home. Mine is at the top of a mountain in NY state. It makes sense that Chakotay's--drawn as he was to leave his home and join Starfleet--was in space.

Beltran who may indeed have indigenous blood but really didnít have a say or didnít press,
Beltran commented in an interview that TPTB had asked him about his own heritage. He pointed out that many Mexican-Americans--himself included--had no clue. He suggested Maya, but couldn't help further.

So St Jeri of Taylor went to mayanet. The rest is history.
Akoochimoya, my indigenous ass.
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