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Re: Ashes of Eden before Return?

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What was wrong with "Dark Victory"? I found that the Mirror Universe books were the strongest. Unfortunately the Totality trilogy didn't live up to the MU trilogy or even the Return/Avenger storyline.
For me, Dark Victory was just poorly written. The plot felt rushed, the characters felt shallow and unconvincing, and the dialogue fell flat at every turn. It was hackneyed and overwrought and definitely suffered from middle-child blues, IMO.

Preserver was at least better written, but I really didn't like it. Both books were a really big letdown after so much promise in Spectre. I'd just prefer the series end on that cliffhanger than to drag out into what it became.

I got about a third of the way into Captain's Peril before I just couldn't take the stupidity anymore and put it down, never looking back.

The Ashes of Eden, The Return, Avenger and Spectre all get A's or A+'s in my book, though.
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