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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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I had to stay in a hotel last night. This morning as I was packing up I saw all the mini shampoos and conditioners which I hadn't used because of course they are shit and I thought of this thread. I stuffed them into my bag.

That's actually not that bad. They're put them there expecting them to be used, so if you haven't and they haven't been used, I don't see a problem with taking them. Which was done at my last hotel stay as well...
Meh, I have a bag of such things from all over the world. They expect those to be taken.

Want more? Every day, move the bottles from the sink to somewhere else in the room, maybe inside the shower. Many hotels will replace them on the sink every day even if the others aren't empty, if they don't look untouched.
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