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Re: Superman:Unbound and Flashpoint DTV

Matt Bomer as Superman is a good choice. There are some who think he would be good as a live-action Superman, and I think he could pull it off, though he's a little short for it. The others are good choices in terms of talent and popularity, although Brainiac isn't a role I would've expected John Noble to play. Come to think of it, though, the calculating coldness he projected as Walternate on Fringe could be a good fit.

Hey, this will mean that four of the regular cast members of Castle will have played DC characters -- Nathan Fillion as Vigilante, Spy Smasher, Steve Trevor, and Hal Jordan (plus the Flash and others on Robot Chicken), Stana Katic as Lois Lane, Susan Sullivan as Queen Hippolyta, and Molly Quinn as Supergirl.

I'm not pleased by what the article says about the music -- "not orchestral at all," driving guitars and percussion. I don't think I'm going to like that.
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