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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Well, a lot of the cues we hear onscreen in a movie or show are edited together from parts of two or more different takes of the same cue. If, say, the first half of one take sounded better but the second half of a different take sounded better, the music editor could've mixed and matched to get the best version of the cue overall. So even a single isolated cue doesn't necessarily represent a single unedited performance.
Sure. That's also very common in classical music recordings: an 18-min long movement is Beethoven is cobbled together from a couple different takes.

I think of that as different from what we're talking about here.

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If you look at the reference numbers after the cue titles, sometimes one cue will be listed by two numbers or a range of numbers.
Ah, I wondered what those "M" numbers were.
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