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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

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Why would you make a Star Trek movie that is not for Star Trek fans? This is why I don't like this dude. He doesn't care about the lifelong Star Trek fans such as myself. Why should I care about him or anything that comes out of his mouth?
The Quote means "Not made strictly aimed at hardcore fans", he goes on later to say something like "we added in a bunch of nods for those hard core fans, to prove we're not being prejudiced against them". But, no one who wants to bash him acknowledges that part of the quote, they just want to harp on the poor wording so they can accuse him of dissing the hard core fans.

Oh, and you'll want to learn how to use Multi-Quote button, so you can quote multiple quotes in one post. If the mod sees you making 3 or 4 posts in a row too many times, he'll pont it out to you and start giving out warnings. Note: I'm not trying to armchair-Moderate, just giving you a heads up. Once isn't a big deal, when you're new, but, once he tells you about, he'll be persistent
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