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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

I just started TW. I finished the first two episodes last night.

My first impression? Well this is new. I've NEVER seen a UK show before today, so it took a while getting use to the new locations, cars and the fact that the drivers sit on the right side.

S01E01: Everything Changes
Well it looks like Gwen is going to be our eyes into Torchwood. I thought it was a good pilot, when pilots mostly turn out to be shaky. I liked the murder mystery with the killer and how it ended up being connected with Torchwood. The Weevil was a neat first monster for the show.

The underground Torchwood office looked really cool. There were tons of strange stuff and I look forward to seeing more.

S01E02: Day One
The "sex monster" episode. I remember that Angel also had one for its second episode. The alien gas arrives from a fallen rock and possesses a teenage girl. The girl goes around having sex with people to feed or whatever.

To be honest, I felt a little bored. I've seen this type of story plenty of times before. This episode felt way too much like Species at times. I've noticed how really immature some of the Torchwood characters are at times, especially the part when Owen gets the clothes stolen off his back along with his car keys. I feel like they could almost be high school students instead of trained professionals. That's different... I guess. Still really don't know any of the characters very well except for Gwen. Captain Jack Harkness is still being kept a mystery, with the most important question about whether he is gay or not.

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