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Re: Did B'Elanna die forever in Faces?

At the end, did they extract what they needed from the klingon corpse and beam it into B'Elanna or did they beam the entire Corpse into her? I only ask because the Doctor keeps old corpses, and despite her abundant human traditionalism, Klingon tradition is that she doesn't give a shit about the corpse.

B'Elanna's corpse could have been in the draw between Caretaker's Corpse draw and Kes's corpse draw all along!

(How many bodies did he keep? Naomi certainly. Who else? They would have had to go fishing for Harry. Did he frost over or explode?)

Although if he had B'Elanna's mostly Klingon corpse in a draw, why did the Doctor feel the need to extract a chunk of B'Elanna's brain to feed his girlfriend? It couldn't be that fresh Klingon meat is "slightly" better than stale Klingon corpse meat? Surely the inconvenience of digging into a living person has to outweigh "slightly better"?
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