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Re: Difference between Q and Harry Potter wizards?

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Yea, Q magic, seems to be something you really don't need to study or learn, if you've got it, you can do whatever you want, wether you've done it before or not, and you don't need any tools to do it.
Well Amanda Rogers had to learn how to use her powers. IIRC she was creating puppies spontaneously and the elder Q had to help her learn how to teleport herself.

But yes - no big castle full of Q going to class.
Yea, she had to be schooled for about 10 minutes on how to use the powers in General, but, she didn't need to be taught how to do each individual thing, once she knew how to use the pwoers in general, she could use them for whatever she wanted to make happen. Blow up a sun, transport to outside the hull, create flowers, all could be done just by understandinghow to use the powers. In Harry Potter, every little thing has a different incantation and wand movement. So, knowing how to do the Jelly legs curse, doesn't get you any closer to making something fly across the room.
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