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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I'm gonna say no for extremely selfish reasons. I like Star Trek perfectly the way it was. My whole life has been all about Star Trek and now I could give a shit about the "NuTrek" that has been coming out. I am not at all looking forward to the new movie and it pisses me off to no end that JJ Abrams is doing Star Trek now even though he was never a fan before. I know that in order to get more fans a reboot was necessary, but to be honest, I don't care about new fans. I want my Star Trek to be the way it always was. I don't want or care for this "NuTrek", it means nothing to me.
Okay, I swore I wasn't going to sucked into this thread again, but a couple of observations:

1) Who cares if Abrams was a fan before? Nicholas Meyer wasn't a Trekkie either. Didn't make a bit of difference. On the other hand, Josh Logan was a huge TREK fan--but that didn't guarantee that NEMESIS would be the best Trek movie ever!

2) Just in general, I wish we could all shake this binary idea that artists can only be motivated by cash OR love, as opposed to, say, healthy amounts of both. Did Abrams (or Roddenberry) want their shows to make money? Of course they did; that's how they paid the bills and got the funding to make more shows. Did they want their work to find a large and appreciative audience? Of course they; nobody wants to produce a flop. Did they also think that working on STAR TREK would be fun and interesting and creatively satisfying? Of course they did, or why put all that time and effort into it?

If you just want to make money, there are much better and far less risky ways to do so than going into show biz! I think we can safely assume that anybody who works on STAR TREK is doing so because they like making movies and tv shows, and that they also hope to make a profit in the end.

Again, it's not an either/or thing.

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