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Re: Most hated conversations

My one uncle is rather... eccentric. He likes to joke around, embellish things and outright lie because he hopes to get an amusing reaction out of people. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's annoying. He's also a broken record in that he likes to say the same things almost every time I am with him.

His favorite topics of choice:
- He's won the lottery.
- The family is moving to England (my grandmother is British)
- He's won the lottery and we're moving to England
- He's buying a classic Rolls Royce
- He likes to nitpick at my own life and behavior and tell me not to do something (don't talk on the phone while you drive; don't sell my place and move; don't go scuba diving because of sharks; don't go rock climbing because it's dangerous; don't think about moving to the west coast because of earthquakes, etc.)

These conversation topics inevitably come up. Every. Single. Time.
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