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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Lights of Zetar used the original cues from Where No Man Has Gone Before, not library versions. So the ending you hear in that episode is how the cue was originally recorded.
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BTW, the cue at the end The Lights of Zetar teaser is Track 27 of the GNP release. I was able to sync it to the soundtrack of the episode exactly. I thought it might be a re-recording, but it would not have synchronized had it been...
Well that all by itself is EXTREMELY interesting.

It's illegal, right? They were not supposed to use a first-season cue in the third season, without paying for a recording session to re-record it as a library cue. And "Force Field" is not listed as a third-season library cue. It's an odd choice too, to suddenly grab it in season 3. Was "Force Field" used elsewhere?

I wonder what the cue sheets would show for that entry in Zetar. Would they accurately reflect the improper cue? And if they didn't, if the cue sheet was fudged to disguise the impropriety, would that have interfered with Neil et al spotting the re-use of this cue? Zetar is merely a tracked episode, and not a prominent one: probably wouldn't be among the first 20 places a person would look for "original" cues. Is stuff like this a part of why Paramount/CBS does not want to release the cue sheets?

Dalen Quaice wrote: View Post
I'm checking Where No Man right now -- I'm pretty sure, but not positive yet, that the editing is slightly different in the episode than it is on the soundtrack. The cues seem to be joined, but the editing is not quite the same. I'm synchronizing them now; I should have more later and I will also try comparing the "pilot" version to the "syndicated version" - I have the LaserDisc also, but that will take me a bit to extract the audio.
If my understanding of the process is correct, you should find that the audio from the Laserdisc syncs perfectly to the track we have.

ssosmcin wrote: View Post
Monster Illusion and Monster Fight in The Cage was changed this same way. For this box set, certain cues were joined to reflect how they were presented in the episodes they were composed for. ... A lot of changes in the box set are made editorially to match original onscreen usage.
I'm surprised. I thought we were getting performance takes, rather than creations of the music editor, with the exception of things like the cello-sweetened Death of Miramanee. My assumption with "joined" cues was that they were performed that way, almost like when you see pics of the Warner Brothers orchestra performing with Bugs Bunny up on the overhead screen. The orchestra & conductor are self-editing or self-syncing the cues, so they line up with the action (except for library versions). That's what I thought was happening.

I'm surprised. It seems an odd choice, especially given the "as the composer intended" statements.

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However, I think your idea is a good one. Maybe a new thread should be created for this rather than taking it onto a 25 page and counting thread. It might also be better if we hope to have Jeff or Neil answer questions. No wading through pages of the other comments.
25 pages?? In my browser this thread is pushing 70 pages!

Do you want to go ahead and start that other thread? You have a couple of good examples. Or maybe Warlord is the right choice: I dunno.
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