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Re: Love Facebook? How do you use it?

Love me some Facebook too.. However, I was just about to suspend my account during the election.. The amount of hate being spewed by both sides was unbearable.. At least here on the BBS I can choose to stay out of TNZ.. LOL...

I am a heavy user of Facebook and Twitter for professional reasons, as I manage my office's social media output.. I find it very useful and effective.

That said, on a personal level, I tend not to post much about me personally.. I restrict access to my kids photos and personal information.. I exist as somewhat of a "public figure" in New Mexico and have to be careful what I post.. In that respect, I can't/don't post anything political in nature and refrain (generally) from replying to other's political posts...

Most of my status updates are comprised of song lyrics, movie quotes and general observations... I tend to stay away from posting that I'm going out to dinner, have a sick child, am frustrated with my job or that my wife pisses me off sometimes... I will, however, bore you with comments about how the Cowboys, Lobos and Cornhuskers are performing.. LOL...

I also run the facebook page for our official Smokey Bear Historical Park (since Smokey is from New Mexico, we take great pride in him)... Check it out if you like!
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