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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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To answer your question: The franchise would never die out to me because I have the DVDs to watch over and over so it would always be a part of my life. And I think it is that way with a lot of people. It will always be a part of their lives. They will teach their children to love it. It wouldn't die out if they didn't make any more movies. I don't believe that at all.
*stated in 'cough'* Con-tri-dict-ion. Then why are you so pissed? Go live happily ever after with your DVDs, right?
I guess the reason it upsets me is on a personal level. I really hate people's obsession with more money. Yes, most people think the franchise would die without a reboot, and I can completely see their point in this. I'm not really against rebooting, what I'm against is making Star Trek into an action packed thrill ride that it never was before. There was action, there were thrills, but there was also lots of substance and life lessons involved too. There were also lots of other things going on that had nothing to do with stunning visual effects. It is possible to have both going on in a Star Trek movie. It seems to me JJ's only concern with his new movies is to get more cash and he doesn't seem too shy about letting you know that. His loyalty is not to the fans, it is to his wallet. Again, understandable, but I find it disgusting. That's where my problem lies.
When it came to his wallet or the fans, Roddenberry's first loyalty wasn't exactly to the fans, either. Just saying.

As far as "lots of substance" in TOS goes, meh. Maybe when I was 12 and hearing some of those platitudes for the first time, "I will not kill, today," they sounded profound. But were there really any deeper life lessons in TOS than, say, parenting tips one could get from watching episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show"?

Maybe some episodes were just more poignant to you than for others. There was certainly enough variety in it for all of us to like it and still disagree about what the series "really" was or what it "stood for."
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