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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

AloriaDax wrote:
He's not even a fan. I wish someone who was a fan was doing the new movies. Someone who loves Star Trek would have done a much better job at making me care about the "NuTrek".
FYI, neither Harve Bennett nor Nick Meyer (the writer and director of STII) were fans of Trek. Yet Wrath of Khan is widely considered the best Trek of them all.

Yesterday I read on Facebook about a dying girl who in 2008, thanks to Abrams and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, was allowed to visit the sets of Star Trek and meet the cast. And you know what? The comments were full of people using this heartwrenching story as a forum to attack Abrams and his version of Trek. These "fans" so spastically obsessed with trashing the movie they were completely oblivious to the inappropriateness of where and how they were doing it. And I thought back to these interview comments and thought, THOSE are the fans that these movies aren't for.
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