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And, I also remember the show "Mrs. Columbo" with Kate Mulgrew in the title role, but the producers of "Columbo" said that she wasn't the wife of Peter Falk's Lt. Columbo.
They're not the only ones. The idea went over so badly with viewers that even Mrs. Columbo abandoned it after just five episodes, pulling the show from the schedule and retooling it, then bringing it back the following season for a final eight episodes, with Kate divorced and using her maiden name (Kate Callahan) and the show retitled, first as Kate the Detective, then as Kate Loves a Mystery.

I mean, it never really made sense anyway. From what Columbo said about his wife in the original series, we know they were high-school sweethearts, thus surely within a year or two of each other in age. Peter Falk had already graduated from college by the time Kate Mulgrew was born. At the time Mrs. Columbo/Kate Loves a Mystery was on, Falk was more than twice Mulgrew's age. There's simply no way in hell that Mrs. Columbo was canonical within the Columbo universe. It was a ridiculous idea and it died quickly.

I remember that in one of the revival movies, "Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo," we were shown what was supposedly a photo of Mrs. C, but it turned out to be a relative of hers instead. I often wondered in the years that followed if the photo had been of Kate Mulgrew as her cousin Kate or something, and it was some kind of in-joke nod. But I just looked it up online, and apparently it was of her sister Ruth instead.
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