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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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People in this thread are acting like TNG was some obscure cult show but it's actually one of the most famous TV shows ever aired. By any measure it was more successful than TOS. A genuine pop culture phenomena when it aired and still widely beloved today. Among young folk, TOS is thought of as the goofy predecessor to real Trek.
Except TNG fans tend to forget that without TOS and the TOS films - TNG WOUULD NEVER have been made. And personally, TNG Season 1 was TERRIBLE all around. When it was in first run syndication trhe station showing first run TNG episodes in my area sandwiched them between two TOS episodes (IE one aired prior to TNG and one aired afterwards.)

Yes, TNG did manage to survive and gain a following; but if not for TOS, it may not have.
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