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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

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As expected, he doesn't give anything serious away.
This is what I am talking about. This is why I DGAF about this guy. This is why he pisses me off. He loves that they didn't make the movie for the fans? What is that? Who did you make it for then? He's not even a fan. I wish someone who was a fan was doing the new movies. Someone who loves Star Trek would have done a much better job at making me care about the "NuTrek".
You do understand that Paramount studios is a "for profit" business that does not have as its primary mission the goal of ensuring a tiny group of purists will have their expectations met at the expense of attaining commercial success, right?

Moreover, you are being far too literal-minded in your quest to feel offence at what Abrams said. The context of his statement is clearly meant to indicate the film was made to be intelligible and interesting to the general public, as well as Star Trek fans (rather than for Trek fans first and everyone else later). As a fan since 1973, having seen every episode ever made (many in multiples of ten, for TOS, the rest at least 3 time each, if not more), every movie (again, multiple times each) and having read over 100 novels and nearly as many comics set in the Trek universe, I have ZERO problems with Abrams' statement--I applaud it wholeheartedly. He's not dismissing Trek fans, he's trying to enlarge the scope of its fan base. So far, he's doing quite well in that endeavour.

Does every last Trek fan have to like Abrams' version? Of course not. It's like ice cream. I love ice cream. I'm the biggest fan of ice cream I know. I don't like every flavour of ice cream out there, though (I loathe pistachio ice cream, for one thing). Others love pistachio ice cream. Good for them. I don't but I also don't deny pistachio ice cream is actually ice cream. Different flavours for different tastes.

As for your statement that "someone who loves Star Trek would have done a much better job"--no guarantees there. I love Star Trek (inasmuch as one can "love" an entertainment franchise) but I have no skills in filmmaking that even remotely rival those of Abrams and co. And while I may be going out on a limb here, neither, I suspect, do you.
Oh yes, I understand that. But my understanding of it in no way contributes to me liking it. I understand that people want money and devise all kinds of schemes to get it. And okay, when it comes to Star Trek I am a purest, but it's because I have loved it so much for so long that when someone comes in and admits to not being a fan and admits to not making his Star Trek movies for the fans I do take issue with that. If I didn't say this, I meant that someone who loves Star Trek would do a much better job at making me like the new movies. And my movie making abilities have nothing do to with any of this. Just because I am not making movies doesn't mean I don't have a right to dislike and complain about them. They want me to pay my money to see them, that gives me a right to have an opinion.
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