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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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I've never been able to get into WRPGs, but I keep giving them second chances because I absolutely love the concept of the genre. My most recent attempt was The Witcher, but that didn't go too well. Hopefully Icewind Dale will be more to my tastes.
Nope, it sucked. $5 wasted, but that's not too bad. On the bright side I've finally discovered what turns me off from the genre.

I love the idea of WRPGs being about a party of adventurers exploring a fantasy land and I do love almost every WRPG that I play for the first few hours, but then I end up quitting in frustration. The problem is that I despise character customization, leveling up, and loot. At the early stages of the game you don't have to worry about this too much, but after a few hours you have to manage your inventory, invest skill points, and other boring stuff that is kinda inherent to RPGs that I don't like. If there was a WRPG where these RPG elements were streamlined to the same extent as they are in JRPGs so that the focus is on the plot/exploration rather than the loot/leveling I think I would enjoy it. Alas...

So instead of Icewind Dale I started playing the original Final Fantasy for the PSP. Way too many random battles, but it's still pretty fun. I've only ever made it to the Marsh Cave on the NES, so most of the game will be completely new to me.
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