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Re: After Romulus

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Huh? Trek XI showed the destruction of Romulus.
It's a while since I watched the film, but don't we see it in a flashback, ie, we're seeing what the character is describing, complete with their interpretation of events?

Christopher wrote: View Post
Nero witnessed the destruction of the planet firsthand: "I watched it happen! I saw it happen! Don't tell me it didn't happen!" Spock then used the red matter to somehow "stop" the supernova at the source (even though that should've done nothing if the radiation had already spread far enough to affect Romulus), and in Spock's own words: "As I began my return trip, I was intercepted.... In my attempt to escape, both of us were pulled into the black hole."

Spock was apparently aware of the planet's destruction, since the next thing he said after relating it was "I had little time" to deploy the red matter, suggesting that he was hastening in reaction to the event. So we know that Nero (and presumably his crew) directly witnessed the destruction and that Spock was either notified of it by someone else or detected it on long-range sensors. That's enough corroboration to be confident that the event actually did occur as described.
I was working on the principle that Nero is clearly insane and thus not a reliable witness. If he's the only source Spok had, he could've misinformed Spok.

I agree it's a stretch, and what's more, would be a fairly dissatisfying storyline unless done incredibly well. I'm just saying I can see it as at least plausible.

Should Spok be bound by the Temporal Prime Directive to try to restore the original timeline?

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