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Re: Ships of the Star Fleet

Yeah, I have both of these and they're great. They have a big ship technical illustration on basically most every page. The Ships of the Star Fleet book details various cruisers, like the Enterprise and frigates, like the Reliant, and some other stuff, but not much. I like how it includes basically every different version of the Enterprise models as different sub-classes. The fiction text is in a very technical context, and set in a slightly alternate Star Trek universe, where things are bit more militant. the Federation has fought a number of battles with Klingons and there's a lot more about Kzinti and Tholians. But it's a fascinating read. If you're a fan of the FJ tech fiction, it seems like the Star Fleet books are intended to be an extension of that universe.

The Perimeter Action book deals specifically with just one class (and it's sub-classes) of ship, called the Akiyazi-class PA ship. It too is a pretty fun read and even has deck plans of all three sub-classes.

I'd strongly recommend them if you're a fan of Trek tech fiction.

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