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Re: Jeri Ryan- the Columbo connection

I see it. The woman's face looks a lot like Jeri Ryan's to me too. And, I also remember the show "Mrs. Columbo" with Kate Mulgrew in the title role, but the producers of "Columbo" said that she wasn't the wife of Peter Falk's Lt. Columbo. I don't remember much other than a funny scene from an episode. Mrs. Columbo was kidnapped and placed in the back seat of a car at gun point with the bad guy. Another innocent victim was driving the car but it had stick shift and he didn't know how to shift so the car was going maybe 20 mph in first gear. A police car was chasing them - lights & sirens - also at 20 mph. Mulgrew rolled her eyes and said something like, "This is the most boring police chase there's ever been!" Her timing was excellent and it was very funny.
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