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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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the public usually found spin-offs to be inferior...
Usually, yes. But let's not forget such spin-offs as
The Andy Griffith Show
Gomer Pyle USMC (a spin-off of a spin-off)
The Jeffersons
The Bionic Woman
Barnaby Jones
Mork & Mindy
LaVerne & Shirley
Happy Days itself
Lou Grant
Jake and the Fatman
Good Times
Green Acres
Ahh, but there's more:

as the medium--up to that point--had a long stretch of spinoffs which failed to attract the public and/or reach the same level of quality of the parent series.
There's not a single All in the Family spinoff held in the same high regard (and Good Times is regarded as very offensive in many ways), and that includes the show it morphed into, Archie Bunker's Place. Lou Grant is largely MIA to later generations, while parent series Mary Tyler Moore still runs and is praised frequently. While not an official spinoff, The Green Hornet eventually became part of Batman's official TV continuity, but if you ignore latter day Bruce Lee nostalgia, or memories of the crossover, TGH did not reach the skyrocketing height of Batman.

Then, there's more which failed outright, and/or never approached the success of the parent series:

After MASH.

Getting Together (a failed spinoff of The Partridge Family).

The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.

Honey West (a spinoff of Burke's Law).

Three's A Crowd (from Three's Company).

Hello, Larry was retconned during production to be associated with Diff'rent Strokes (and flopped).

Just the 10 of Us (Growing Pains spinoff).

Day by Day (Family Ties spinoff).

Open House (spinoff of Duet).

Top of the Heap (Married...with Children spinoff).

Tabitha (Bewitched spinoff).

Living Dolls and Charmed Lives (Who's the Boss? spinoffs--both earned quick deaths).

Flo (Alice spinoff).

There's more than enough failed or disregarded series over the decades--certainly enough to get that "Captain Sulu" nonsense out of Takei's mind....but when one was as delusioal as he was--thinking his character needs to be elevated to Kirk-like levels--history soared right over his head.
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