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Re: Caseless Torpedoes

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Except that this is exactly what you do when you want the sensor to guide the steerable bullet.
No, because the sensor stops working as soon as you fire it. It's hard to mount a sensor to a projectile that is subject to a huge amount of energy at launch. Likewise, a propulsion system powerful enough to envelop an entire photon torpedo and completely mask its physical presence from all observers probably wouldn't be very good for an onboard sensor either.
Have you read about the steerable bullet with the optical sensor mounted on the nose?
I have. DARPA's been working on this since about 2005. The major technical hurdle is trying to figure out how to get the bullet's guidance system to still function properly after a 2000G acceleration at the moment of firing.

Never heard of this new company, though. If they've solved that problem, it might actually work, but along with the sudden jump in temperature as well as acceleration, it's a pretty big problem to solve.

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That wouldn't explain the same effect post-TOS, though, especially in the movie era where FX capabilities have expanded significantly.
I don't understand what you mean here.
Simply put, we never see a ship that looks like this ever again after TOS. And the remastered version all but implies that we probably SHOULDN'T have seen something like that in the first place.
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