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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

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"This movie was not made for 'Star Trek' fans; it was made for movie fans.
Someone should tell this asshole to stop repeating that shit like a braindead parrot. It's annoying, and borderline disrespectful.
I'm pretty sick of their neverending "we make Star Trek which is not really a Star Trek, so don't worry..."
Just me personally, I feel insulted when I see this.

They are trying so hard to make it NOT feel, look or watch like Star Trek.
You ask why?

Star Trek is a brand, like any other. They know, Star Trek fans will go see it regardless of anything else, just because of the two magical words in the title.

Which means all the rest of potential audience remains, which will NOT see it, just because "Star Trek is the nerdy stuff", and they must try hard to persuade them, especially by smirking on the fans of the lore they abuse.

What we get now is
- Avengers with Star Trek in the title or
- Dark Knight with Star Trek in the title
- Star Wars with Star Trek in the title, etc.
basically any movie that happened to grab a substantial audience in the past, thinking - "let's do the same thing just put the guys into geeky Trek uniforms"

I so much more appreciate the honest effort of CBS to remaster TNG and maybe later series as well. Despite S2 "disaster" they are investing into the franchise I grew to love.
What JJ is doing is just grabbing some money, here and now. You think this will re-energize Star Trek? Spawn a new series? Think again. At best, one more movie to go and we are back where we have been at the end of Enterprise.

Disclaimer: I know I will go see that movie. Because I like good movies and good scifi movies. This may be one. But by far, I don't consider this Star Trek. It is waaay something else.
I'm going through the conversation. But YES to Jaro Stun!
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