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Re: River and the Doctor knowing and not knowing each other...

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Although has anyone though that the reason why 11 was so moody and depressed - was because at that point, he sent River along to the Library? So he knew that it would be the last he'd really see of her at that point. That's why he's so hot for Clara Oswin Oswald. Rebound girl!
I hope not. Eleven sending River to the Library is something that I want to see happen in an actual episode.

The whole "their lives are back to front" thing makes it very difficult to reconcile some of their relationship. I like to think that maybe that is a general rule to how they meet, but there are obviously exceptions, otherwise we never would have seen River again after she regenerates in "Let's Kill Hitler."

I like to think that after they rebooted the universe, they changed some of the rules.
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