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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Breaking the ice!

I like this episode. Reed and Mayweather get to have their own mini adventure its great to see them have fun away from the ship and bond a little. And that snow man is sooo cute! And Reeds happiness at getting to blow him up is also cute. I also like that we get the introduction of some Vulcan drama in this episode with TíPolís impending arranged marriage and the arrival of a Vulcan ship possibly to spy upon them. Though I now get the feeling that her deciding to stay on Enterprise might have been a way to put distance between herself and a marriage she lacks enthusiasm for. It would certainly account for her willingness to remain with a quirky bunch of aliens lead by an individual who often shows contempt for her race due to petty personal reasons and wear an uncomfortable looking catsuit rather than return home to friends and family and more comfortable clothing.

I really donít understand why Trip was the one to read her decoded private massage. It would have made more sense for Hoshi as the communications officer and translator and the one who decrypted the letter to be the one to read it. it could have been a bonding moment and marked the start of a nice friendship between the shows two female characters.

Instead we get Trip reading it and awkwardly agonising over having read it and awkwardly giving her advice. Maybe its meant to be a bonding moment between TíPol and Trip but imho it seems forced and unnecessary as its already obvious from his behaviour around her so far that he is seriously attracted to her even if he isnít aware of it yet. The show doesnít need this forced bonding moment.

I get the feeling that Archer has been deliberately trying to find ways to one up the Vulcans a bit in last couple of episodes. The Vulcan star charts are outdated ha we found a comet made of some element the vulcans only found very little of ha. Score for humanity!. Yeah it makes them seem petty. Their out there to explore and see what they can do not to see what they can do better than vulcans no wonder they were held back so long.

But its good that though he is quite put out by the arrival of the Vulcan ship he does try to be friendly and handle things in a diplomatic way with inviting Vanik over for a meal rather than being outright hostile like he has been previously. And when things go wrong he is able to put his pride aside and ask for help. Itís a good show of character growth. Overall I give this episode four stars.

I would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on how I am ranking the episodes so far. Are there any episodes so far where you wildly disagree on how Iíve ranked them? Also did you guys think Trip was crushing on TíPol however subconsciously in this or previous episodes?
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