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Re: I started watching Babylon 5 for the first real time

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Another one who liked both. Though CH4 the network that aired it in the UK sometimes played a bit loose with the schedule. I think when S4 it had 21 time slot/day changes. (out of 22 episodes).
Yea, the WB stations apparently did that alot too, going so far as to air it at the wee hours of the morning even (Fortunately my station had a stable time slot and day).
Really? Were you not living in Sacramento back then? I was (and still do), and remember that ch. 31 had a TV guide listing for the show at something like 3:30am Sunday mornings. I faithfully recorded (on VHS) that hour every week for two years, and it was the same thing every time: the last half hour of a movie, and an infomerical. After that, I gave up. I was convinced that the series was either a hoax, or a lie, because nothing beyond "The Gathering" had ever been aired, and that was shown in prime time here in early 1993.
Perhaps it was Vorlon or Shadow plot to prevent you from watching.
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