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Ships of the Star Fleet

I originally asked this in the literature section, but it was suggested that it made more sense to ask it here (I had originally thought of putting it here, but since its about a book, I put it in the other section. Since it is a tech book, I guess this section does make more sense).

I found a book (well, two books actually) on Amazon, and they look interesting, but they have very few reviews on Amazon, and I can't find anything about them on other sites. They're

Ships of the Star Fleet


Ships of the Star Fleet: Akyazi-Class Perimeter Action Ships

Does anyone know about these? Are they good? I'm a huge fan of the ship/tech part of Star Trek (I loved FJ's Manual, TNG Manual, and Mr. Scott's Guide to the enterprise). From what little info there is, they seem to be somewhat different books, but they still seem like something I'd really like. I just wonder what the general opinion on them is, and using google, and searching the forums on this site, haven't given me anything.
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