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I liked 2061 better than 2010, as a book. Maybe what took me out of 2010 was the continued references to the Soviets. What I liked about 2061 is that we actually get to "see" some pretty exotic science fiction locations... Halley's Comet, Europa, Ganymede.
Agreed. Part of the problem for me with 2010 and to a lesser degree 2061 was that Bradbury got so far outside of the realities of our actual timeline.

The whole notion in 2061 that white Africans would exit the country leaving the black nation to fend for itself and then the search for the big diamond got strange.

To enjoy the entire series the reader/film goer has to completely suspend our disbelief on our real timeline versus the fictional one.

It's interesting with Trek that they kept modifying the Trek timeline to fit [somewhat] what exists today.

I forget - how did they reconcile with the eugenics wars in Trek with TOS having it occurring in 1999 versus Enterprise?
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