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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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^^ Data 2.0 had Akharin restore Lal's positronic matrix because he knew that doing what Soong had done for him -- taking a new matrix and putting the stored memories into it -- wouldn't actually bring Lal herself back, just make a new copy of her. In the same way that Data 2.0 is not actually the same individual we followed throughout TNG, but is actually a new copy of the original.

Data 2.0 wanted to revive Lal, not create Lal 2.0.
We don't know that for sure because the subject of building a new brain to house Lal's memories isn't brought up, that I can recall.
That's a little bit like saying that we don't know that Pip and Estella become a couple at the end of Great Expectations just because it's not explicitly stated. This is literature, not a scientific paper; certain things are going to be left to the reader to infer based upon their understanding of the characters and settings.

We know that Data 2.0 is not the same individual as Data; he says so in the trilogy. We know that he wants to revive Lal; we know that he is aware that it was the original Android!Juliana whom Akharain revived, not a copy of Android!Juliana.

Logically, we are left to infer that Data 2.0 wants to revive the original Lal rather than create Lal 2.0.
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