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Re: The Caregivers' Thread

Raising a four and a seven year old granddaughters due to Mother's Bipolar and addiction plus father being a uncaring git of FIVE kids. At 56 it's a challenge that's for sure but I wake up everyday at 4:30 to go to work, making sure all their crap is laid out and packed up for the sitter and school the night before. If I don't work, they don't eat. I give major props to anyone who is a single parent or sole cargiver of anyone regardless of age because it can be stressful.

Here's one thing I'll pass along. Wanna help? Offer that person 1/2 hour, a hour, a day of alone time. Take the kids. sit with grandma, take grandfather for a ride, read a book or watch TV with the bedridden just to give the caregiver a break.

You'd be surprise what even 1/2 hour of downtime can do to recharge the emotional batteries and allow us to continue on.

Still when I come through that door and they are all smiles and hugs it almost makes it worth it, I say almost because five minutes after I'm home one is climbing the walls and the other is plotting the downfall of the known world.
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