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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

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See? The whole "they knew they had to create me after they met me" thing makes no sense.
It makes no sense to YOU, but that's because you are a linear being with linear time.

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A far more simpler explanation is that the Prophets were pretending to not understand linear time (or corporeal time or whatever) just so Sisko could understand a little about them.
I reject that theory, because we have no proof that the prophets were "pretending" anything. A far simpler explanation is to take what they say at face value, and simply believe that they are capable of these things.
Even if they Prophets don't experience linear time, that doesn't mean that linear time ceases to exist. Sarah Sisko was possessed by a Prophet to conceive Sisko. His dad flat out said, she wasn't at all interested in him after she was unpossessed. So for there to be a Sisko for the Prophets to meet in Emissary, they had to have played a part in it. You can't get around that one.
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