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Re: Orci again claims new series in pre-development

There will be many Trek fans who will not like the idea of an animated series but that's OK because it's time to start branching out to a new audience. The animated series for Batman, Gargoyles, Superman, Justice League, etc. are great examples of shows that appealed to kids, teens, and adults and Trek so needs to reach out to kids and teens. Those shows as well as The Clone Wars and all of Star Wars are marketed so much better than Trek ever was, even in its hay-days, the mid 90's.

I would prefer a post-NEM animated series set on the Titan with the Rikers, their child, Geordi as the XO, and a new cast of characters. I'd love it if Frakes and Burton were made producers as they have proven their abilities as actors and directors and they both have a devotion to Trek to do it right.
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