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Re: Was Chakotay a stereotype?

You'll have to forgive me if my memory is faulty, raising two small kids at my age can do that to you and it has been a while since I saw this series.

After a while Chakotay stopped mentioning spirits at all, he said God or my God quite a lot and not spirits as so many fan fics seem to write. Janeway was a woman of science who did not put much stock in formal religion it appears but she had her moments of faith in her own way. I don't think either ones faith was based on ethnicity but on the basic makeup of their character.

Chuckles character may have started out with good intentions at being written as Indian but the writers really didnít do their homework, which in the age of computers should have been a piece of cake, beyond the ďIndian for all seasons.Ē I am however immensely thankful they didnít go too much Hollywood and stick a full feathered headdress on him and have him do a lot of stoic ďUgg, shields at 30%, Captain Kemosabee...Ē I swear to CHRIST there couldnít have been that many damn feathers in the whole US for the amount of headdresses in the movies. Plus who the hell did any research on Crazy Horse? The guy never, ever, ever wore a headdress! Still not Voyager related so sorry for off topic rant.

I donít put much Indian in the Angry warrior tale either other than a man trying to tell a woman how he felt cloaked in story as to give them both an out. It was sweet but Iím gonna go with if he had pulled out a flute and played a courting song I might have been more impressed that they were at least trying. Letís see his quarters had some dťcor, he did sand paintings and he did some mystical head trip at times but that all got fewer and far between as the seasons went on. By the end viewers who would have just tuned in would not have even known he was Indian.

In short, they missed the boat, TNG did it a wee bit better and they could have built on that but they slipped up and didnít bother to correct it. In time neither did Chakotay, although he was at the mercy of the writers, and Beltran who may indeed have indigenous blood but really didnít have a say or didnít press,

And Teya, I took my two granddaughters to the Pow Wow and while the oldest jumped right in the circle to dance the little one was quite upset and proclaimed loudly she wasnít dancing because ďWhere are all the white Indians like me?Ē Now she doesnít mean white as in skin color she means white as in blonde hair. She is black eyed and very tanned but has beautiful golden blonde hair. Course at four itís hard to explain that Indians come in all shapes, sizes and colors and not everyone looks like her dad or sister. I laughed later after I got over the initial embarrassment but it was not an easy answer for her.
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