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Re: eBook prices getting stupid

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"A Fury Scorned" commanding more than $10? I'm pretty sure that I could find a copy at a used book store for $2-$5. (Not to mention that the book originally came out 17 years ago.)
If used prices drove ebook sale prices, they'd all cost only a penny...
I don't think anybody's saying that, but paying twice the cost of the book when it was new -- or more in some cases -- for a digital copy is absolutely ridiculous.
Plus, if I remember correctly, A Fury Scorned was released as an ebook over 10 years ago (according to Amazon the ebook was released on September 22, 2000). I stand by what I said back in the fall about understanding how Simon & Schuster could be charging the equal amount for the book in its digital form as in its printed form when it's a new book. But I find it hard to believe that the digital version (which Amazon says has a list price of $18.99, but it's Kindle price is $11.76, and apparently you Save $7.23 (38%), with the trade paperback reprint currently being listed for the same, but reduced to $14.81) which is a 13-year-old file, could be upped by possible $10 dollars, no matter how Simon & Schuster crunches the numbers. $5 maybe, but $10 quite frankly seems ridiculous.
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