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Re: What are your plans for this year?

2012 (particularly the end of the year) ended up being a little more significant than I had anticipated, and has set up some potentially interesting (and hopefully positive) things for 2013.

- Moving. I've been pretty miserable in my current home (plagued by poor building construction and plumbing problems) so I am going to sell and move into a new apartment. I've already got a new place with my name on it. Just waiting for construction to finish and then I'll sign a lease and get the keys to my new digs. So February looks like it'll be full of cleaning, painting, packing, moving, unpacking, etc.

- New car. Silly, insignificant and not even remotely important, I suppose. But damnit I want a new car and I will reward myself with one as soon as I have sold my (current, soon to be old) property.

- New job? It's a question mark and there's no guarantee of success but it's something that I am going to put a lot of energy into, particularly in the second half of the year after the above goals have been achieved.

- Vacation to England. I've been twice before but this time it sounds like the entire family is going. That could be... interesting.

- Medication! In December, I visited a psychiatrist to get medicated for generalized anxiety. The prescription I'm on now is okay - not horrible, not great - so hopefully we'll figure out the right drug(s) for me and I'll begin to lead an anxiety-free life for the first time in... well... ever.

- Make myself happy. All of the goals listed above contribute to this overarching goal of leading a happier life. Do the things that I want to do and the things that I need to do to make me a better, happier person.
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