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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

4x2-The Other Side: As soon as I heard Rene(Odo) as the voice on the other side I felt this episode had potential. I liked the episode and what it essentially was saying about fighting for something when now there is no reason to do so. Especially when it's revealed "our new allies" are actually the instigators or bad guys in this conflict.

4x3-Upgrades: Our ever vague and slightly ambiguous at time allies the Tok'ra come bearing gifts. Power gauntlets that increase the human users physical traits. Oh, and they just might kill you, did we mention that? Until they do though and since you're already wearing them we'd like you to do us a favor. This felt like an episode that shows the Tok'ra will go to any length to accomplish their goal and that their respect for the SGC/Tarrae(Earth) isn't too high just yet.

4x4-Crossroads: A Teal'C centered show, hadn't had one in a while. The Tok'ra are back in this episode where an old love(I can't recall her name) of Teal'C's claims she can communicate with her symbiote. This episode is following the axiom "If it's too good to be true....." Not a bad episode but I did like the other two way better. This one was just kinda there.

On a side note I see some thinning out of this boards already short threads has been done.
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