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Re: Harrison in the Prime Universe

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It has been suggested that, had Picard and crew not appeared in the past of 2063 as shown in ST:FC, that the Mirror Universe resulted from it.

Meaning: the MU, and the resultant Terran Empire, is the 'natural' evolution of the timeline, and it was only Picard's interference from the future that created the 'good' regular universe. Not surprising, as in the 24th century of the MU there is no Empire, no Imperial Starfleet, and thus no mirror universe Ent-E, to travel back in the first place...
I don't quite agree. Aside from what Hartzilla said (which is essentially correct anyway), I just don't see FC's Zefram Cochrane as the type to pull out a shotgun and blow someone away who was very clearly unarmed and not a threat. Actually, I don't see him as the gun-toting type at all. He would probably have gotten scared and run away from the Vulcan ship and gotten himself shitfaced drunk instead.

Now with that said, the Reeves-Stevens's novel (which predated IAMD) does have FC as the convergence point, but with Picard and Co. still involved. IMHO, the novel's take makes much more sense.
I was going to post on this, then my head blew up.
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