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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Why must it be one or the other? I believe it was that type of thinking that sunk Modern Trek to begin with. It quit being fun.
Why does fun preclude thinking? At its best, Trek was both, although usually not both at the same time, but spread over the entire series run, certainly, or even the movies (TMP vs. IV comes to mind).

If you look at anything that is classic and timeless, usually there is complexity there. Look at music for instance. Think of the Beatles catalog, or Led Zeppelin. That's a wide variety of genres present. Those bands were not one-trick ponies, and TOS covered a lot of ground.

I think in this cynical "I know something you don't know" internet culture, people love to come onto forums and be provocative and try to tear icons down to size. But really, great shows were great shows, period, and Trek was great. There isn't any sort of vandalist deconstruction that will be able to take that away.
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