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Re: Was putting limits on Warp Travel a bad idea?

Supportive nodding and grunting... I sort of liked the aspect that the phenomenon in "Force of Nature" didn't really require any steps to be taken, except at Hekaras - not in the human timescale of things.

In that, it very nicely mirrors things like global warming or population growth: nothing wrong with it, we can take lots more of it just fine, indeed things will get much nicer thanks to it, it's 100% natural anyway regardless of whether we do it or nature does... But if we really want to do something about it, the only solution is to change the entire way we live and think. Good will have to become evil, black will have to become white.

On the other hand, in Trek, it can be Somebody Else's Problem, as the Federation only represents a tiny fraction of the galaxy's inhabitants, and will evolve past warp drive in a jiffy anyway.

A panicky slapping of speed limits is a very realistic reaction from the UFP, and quiet scaling back of limitations a realistic follow-on to that. It's not good publicity to say that there's no point in trying to fight warp pollution or global warming or population growth, but quietly admitting that there is no solution, and no need for a solution, may be the only acceptable solution.

I don't see how "Force of Nature" would have needed to have any consequences after the end credits rolled. The whole point was that consequences would come millions of years later; returning to them within the same season, or the same spinoff show, or even the same Trek era in general, would have been just plain silly. Surprisingly, though, the gimmick of the episode did find pretty good dramatic use in VOY eventually, creating an "evil" motivation for the Hierarchy.

Timo Saloniemi
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