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The Romulan Empire has been shown to be so centralized that offing a single room full of people was all it took for Shinzon to take over in Nemesis, and of course the aftermath of that was the RSE/IRS schism that lasted a couple of years. I'd say it's a possibility that the Romulan Empire will fall or splinter after it gets supernova'd. But of course, we shall see...
Sure, the political entity called the Romulan Star Empire could fall, but that's not remotely the same thing as assuming that Romulans as a race would physically cease to exist. Especially in the novel continuity, we know that Romulans live and thrive on many planets other than Romulus itself. Even if the government is replaced, the civilization will still exist. And Spock's work toward unification, far from being rendered irrelevant, will become more important than ever, because the surviving Romulan people will need all the support they can get.
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