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Re: Was putting limits on Warp Travel a bad idea?

I would argue that the episode calls into question the techno-utopianism of Star Trek, and as such it is the most disruptive but perhaps also the most relevent episode (albeit not a very entertaining one) considering the direction we're heading now with the planet. Things have gotten so bad in the real world that we are devising rube-goldberg geoengineering schemes to prevent runaway global warming, schemes that are likely to only make matters worse than doing nothing at all. It is increasingly difficult to hold onto an attitude that there is always a techno-fix to environmental problems. That narrative made most sense during the space-age of the 60s, but it is losing traction. More cynical attitudes like what you see in Cameron's Avatar better reflect the way things are than Trek. I know this cuts to the core of Gene's vision of Trek, but holding onto this idea would make Trek more relevant than the retreat to feel-good comic book fantasy we have now in nu-Trek.
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