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Does TSQ take a bad picture? Ever?!
Oh lord yes. You should have seen my 3rd grade school photo.

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I've said it before but tsq looks damn adorable with her cool haircut and highlights.
Thank you
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Christmas Pics!

Starting with the nephews, because they're damned cute! (THE CHEEKS!)

Me and the little nephew:

Liam always stops to read (look at) books, even in the middle of present-opening. I got him The Wind in the Willows:

The beautiful sweater my sister knitted for me:

My first attempt at vegan mashed potatoes were a little stiff (but they tasted good!):
It is a beautiful sweater, nothing better then a home made gift. I love how you coordinated your outfit with your hair.
Thanks! I've been obsessive about matching since I was 3, you can ask my mother!

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I can only assume no butter/milk.
Yep. Both sisters and the nephews are vegan, plus, my younger sister has a terrible dairy allergy. The potatoes actually turned out good. They were just supper stiff because I'd made them the night before and they'd been in the fridge. I used veganaise and veggie broth, and they tasted really good! And considering there were 10 people at dinner, I don't think that mound of potatoes was that much!
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^Nope. Never ever.

Okay, that are some gosh darned cute kids. The eldest is definitely gonna be a heartbreaker when he grow older.
He is for sure! This is his first ladykiller picture, at age two:

OMFG, The Wind in the Willows! I loved that as a kid!
Me too!

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