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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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Still don't get all the hate for this episode and Janice's sentiments in that. Janice is batshit crazy, and she sees herself and her career as an utter failure.
It doesn't work because Janice is human, so having her be batsh** crazy doesn't fit in with Gene Roddenberry's vision of a perfect, utopian future for humanity where all our problems have been solved. After all, this is one of many women who Kirk has bedded over the years, so there had to be 'something' appealing.

And how can she consider herself a failure when she finds an alien device that can cause two people to swap bodies? I'd think that would be a pretty significant find in any book.

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I don't take it as a factual statement about 23rd century attitudes concerning women.
And the evidence to back that up is.... no female captain in Star Trek until Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home almost two decades later. If gender is not an issue, why the gender swap? If Janice is so freaking crazy, why is that made a bigger issue than simply brushing off the sexism away as nothing?
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