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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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"Ah, that was a cool website! Figuring out the Falcon's guts is about as fun as figuring out the Enterprise's."
Yes, it was (unfortunately emphasis on was ).

But I'm inclined to disagree: Figuring out the Falcon's interior is like always chosing the lesser of two evils (not that much "fun").

If you go for a blueprint that accurately reflects the studio sets, you end up with an internal arrangement that hardly looks believable or credible.

If you go for a blueprint that is supposed to look good and believable, you'll have to twist and tweak the actual studio sets at the expense of accuracy (I did this once, my solution was to give the main hold area a trapezoid shape instead of a correct rectangle).

The advantage of a starship like the Enterprise is its sheer size that will accomodate a variety of studio set interiors.

My latest revision of the TOS Enterprise's hangar deck is hopefully an example that accuracy with minor tweaks can have a credible and believable look:

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