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Re: Favorite Season Two Episodes

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And I never understood the Pulaski hate either.
Well, when a crew member unwillingly becomes impregnated by an unknown alien force, the first duty of ANY DOCTOR is to run diagnostics in the... Oh, no. She just takes the victim to the bar. And to add a cherry on top, Pulaski doesn't even inform the Captain what has transpired until he confronts her in person.
It seems a little unfair to single out one moment in quite a poorly-written episode to dismiss the character out-of-hand.
Agreed, I-Am-Prepared. Besides which, I've always found it kinda sweet that the first person Deanna feels she can 'fess up to about the harrowing experience is the one senior crewmember who hasn't been on the ship five minutes. "I've just been raped by a mysterious alien" not being the easiest sort of thing to come out to your friends about, Pulaski being a relative stranger (but still a senior member of staff) no doubt made it much easier to cope with.

Added to which, if anything, the scene actually emphasises Pulaski's more compassionate traits. She's thinking of Deanna's feelings above the safety of the ship, yes. But it also shows she's got heart.
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