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Re: Reunification 25 Years After Star Trek The Next Generation

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... but where was Denise Crosby ?? I know she only did one season but she was still a big part of TNG !!! Was she asked did she decline ??
I would argue that there were much "bigger parts of TNG". For example - John De Lancie. Q had more airtime, script and character development that Yar did. She was left out because she was just a bit-part, a footnote in the grand scheme.
While I agree that DeLancie had a larger role in terms of development and a larger fanbase, he was only in 12 episodes throughout the entire franchise (TNG, DS9 and VOY), far fewer than Crosby (or Maulder). He didn't have much of a place in the reunion, in the same way Crosby (or Maulder) wouldn't have belonged. Their inclusion in the reunion would have either heavily limited the discussion, due to the relatively few episodes they appeared in throughout the series and movies, or they would have been sitting around and not contributed much. I think the producers made the right call in just calling the core cast from the show and movies.

The only way the reunion would have worked with the recurring roles (Yar, Palaski, Q, etc.) would have been if they completely restructured the dialog from the roundtable format it had to a more organized Q&A where they brought certain guest actors in for a few minutes for segments that were relevant to their roles, which wouldn't have been as interesting of a documentary. I think the way it was done was the best approach.
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