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Re: Tough Little Ships

There's also the Aegian frigate from the Armada game. Sort of like a slightly stretched Nova, perhaps with the long tail holding the "special weapons" and being another exchangeable module you could make use of.

Very compact, although how compact exactly, we don't know. The only "official" spec, a crew count of 200, is not really all that official, and plays no role in the game. I've chosen to believe the ship is some 330 m long with the tail module, and 270 without (that is, from bow to aft end of nacelles), just to keep her in the frigate category, but the window sizes would certainly allow for a smaller ship as well.

In the game, she's a fleet outrider, but mainly because the game relies on "special weapons" and hers is a shield enhancer that boosts the protection of nearby friendly vessels (aegis bearer, get it?). Give her a different "special weapon" or leave it ashore, and you would have a cutesy short range patrol type.

Timo Saloniemi
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